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Are you tired of going to see people who don’t understand you? Are you tired of being taken advantage of? Why not come stay with someone who understands your needs and desires? Why not come to see someone who shares in your taboo interests of wearing, and forcing you to wear and wet, diapers?

My name is Kat. A lot of you might recognize me as little Kitty from Diapered Kitten. While being little and wearing diapers is very important to me, I’ve found the connection I make with people as a Mommy is also an important relationship. I got into this lifestyle by accident on Halloween one year. I was beginning to date a Daddy, and he put me into diapers. That was how all of this started. Not long after that I met Penny from Pampered Penny. She was the first little girl I met who introduced me into the idea that it was okay to wear diapers and to like them. And because she thought they were cool, I thought they were cool too. As I began exploring with diapers I would diaper my friends Hailey, Bradley and Alex.

I used to host play dates for us and I discovered that diapers (however you used them) were a lot of fun. With Alex, I was usually his Mommy and did a lot of sissy play with him because I enjoy little boys wearing pink, whether they want to or not! With Bradley it was more like I was an older sister, although there was a fair amount of D/s involved in the exchange. There was less sissy play but more bondage and restraints and spanking. As I grew more and more comfortable in my skin I began dominating a lot of little boys and girls.

Over the years I’ve begun to understand diapers in a way I didn’t before; that there are fundamental differences between ageplayers and diaper lovers. I think that regression has been and always will be a big part of my life. I love being a little girl just as much as I enjoy being a caregiver or a Mommy.

I’ve been a pro-Mommy since 2008, and ageplay is one of the biggest facets of my life. Being a Pro Mommy has allowed me to express myself in ways I never had been able to before. I provide services that I really enjoy.

Through trial and error I’ve learned what I like, who I am, and how I like to play. I do not play with people I do not like (or have compatible interests with) I do not offer services I do not LOVE! And I do not establish relationships with other people just to make money. I enjoy sweet innocent scenes as much as I enjoy the naughty and the debaucherous ones! A lot of people wonder how, at 27, I can define myself so clearly. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about who I am and how I want to portray myself to other people. I love being a bi, poly, kinky woman into diapers and BDSM.

…And all this started on a Halloween night when an innocent little girl went to meet someone new and he changed her life forever.

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