Mommy Kat understands that not everyone
appreciates diapers in the same way.

Maybe you’re the sort of adult baby, who cherishes the opportunity to give up all the pressures and responsibilities of the adult world and innocently regress back to a simpler time of soft plushies, warm blankets, fuzzy footed sleepers, and thick, crinkly diapers. Mommy Kat loves to take care of her little charges, keep you snuggly taped or pinned into thick diapers, dress you in adorable baby outfits, feed you in the adult-sized highchair, and tuck you in for a nap in the adult-sized crib/playpen!

Maybe you’re an AB who loves to be put into thick diapers, play and regress, but who can’t help but get into trouble! Mommy knows that little boys and girls sometimes get very excited at the thought of being diapered, controlled or restrained, and she loves to play with and tease AB/DLs too. Whether it’s knowing just how to tease you about your diapers, turn your cheeks red with a paddle or a humiliating tone, or restrain a wiggly AB in the crib for his or her safety, Mommy Kat will make sure you never forget your visits to her nursery.

Mommy Kat has a special place in her heart for adorable little sissies, and dressing up little boys who love (or hate) being put into pretty pink frills and lace is one of her favorite activities. Mommy knows that her sissies need to be kept in diapers when visiting the nursery though, and she’s got a lovely pair of ruffled plastic panties waiting just for you! When you visit Mommy Kat’s nursery, she’ll help you to be the pretty sissy baby or sissy schoolgirl you’ve always known you are.

Since every AB is different, Mommy Kat’s babysitting application form has lots of questions about your unique preferences. If you’re ready to start experiencing the diapered dreams you’ve always had, then read through Mommy Kat’s contact page, complete a babysitting application form, and start counting down the days until you get make your fantasy a reality at Mommy Kat’s Nursery!

Here's a list of some of the activities you can experience at Mommy Kat's Nursery:

  • bathtime
  • bottles and sippy cups
  • pacifiers
  • fun outings to kid activities like the zoo
    or the ice cream parlor
  • diaper changing (no messy diapers)
  • story time
  • snuggles
  • sissy play
  • spanking
  • OTK (over the knee)
  • paddles
  • canes
  • light bondage
  • restraints
  • outings for panties, lingerie
  • foot fetish
  • tickling
  • tease and denial
  • phone sessions on NiteFlirt
  • chastity
  • babyfurs